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Tips, polls, updates / Re: POLL - Preferred opponents
« on: 29/12/20, 06:42pm »
Necro'ing this thread but yes, the two minute per turn thing is pretty disappointing.  I was trying to teach Hanamikoji and our game ended during the teach.  Once we got going in another game things went along smoothly enough but that hard game end at two minutes is just really weird.

Is there a way to increase the available time with upgrades?

One possibility is to have the two minute limit as a default, but allow to set a table up as a 10 minute per turn match, which is then clearly indicated in the tavern, for those wanting to join. 

I rarely find 2 mins is a problem, and a 10 minite limit match would annoy me when the opponent plays really slowly.

Answering the original question. Mostly I prefer playing humans, but if I'm tired and don't want to have to put a lot of though into playing, I prefer playing against a bot.


One thing I find frustrating with the game at the moment, is that at the end of each season when the points are evaluated, I have no way to see how my opponent is doing in the same categories.  I need to wait until the evaluation is over and the overall score on the right is updated before I know how I am doing compared to the opponent.  It's great to see how my points are counted, but I usually have quite a god idea of how many points I'm going to get, but much less what my opponent is going to get.

The kind of thing I'm thinking of is to put the opponent's scoring panels below mine during the evaluation. Once my score for each part has been added, the equivalent opponent score becomes visible.
I realise this would require a graphical as well as code update, so I realise it's not something that can be incorporated quickly. But it would be a good addition as part of a major upgrade.

Cartographers / Strategy question single squares
« on: 25/10/20, 11:46am »

When you get the card with one square but a choice of all colours (I forget the name of the card) on option is to put a monster field on your own map.  I can see there will be times when it makes no difference whether it is a monster of some other colour, but is there ever a time when it is beneficial to place a monster?? 

Cartographers / Re: Cartographers feedback
« on: 25/10/20, 11:41am »
Playing with the "lost barony" challenge and the land with 7 squares torn out in the middle.  It was not at all clear to me that the torn out squares count as completed.  This is not mentioned in the challenge explanation, and my suggestion is that it is mentioned.  I only found out because at the evaluation the software chose to put two stars in the torn out part, rather than over another 2x2 barony i'd built.   This makes a big difference to the stratgy, because you are getting 7 completed squares for free.

Really interesting. 
One thing that has always interested me is whether the bots play with perfect memory.  This is especially relevant for Glastonbury, where knowing exactly what you and your opponent has is a huge advantage in the endgame. Most humans will remember most but not all of the cards, and weigh up the benefits of lokking at the cards collected or picking up a different card

Does anyone else have problems playing Happymeeple on android devices? I have tried on a smartphone and a tablet, and using Firefox and Chrome. In all cases the game is so laggy (a couple of seconds per action) that is is no fun to play. 
A friend has no problems using Safari on an old iPad.

I have just noticed a problem having the sound effects on when playing against a friend in the same room as me.
When I play a card face down the sound gives away what species it is.  I can turn off the sound effects but then all sound effects are muted.  Would it be possible to have a general "night" sound so that we can play with the sound on?

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