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Happy Meeple community / Too many chat messages ???
« on: 18/07/22, 01:25pm »
I think the system might be a bit buggy at the moment. 

My opponent just sent a message, saying "Hello".  A few seconds later he timed out.  I think his page might have frozen. 

I sent him a message saying - "What happened?"

It did not appear in the chat window. 

Then a few seconds later I got a message from Happy Meeple saying:
"You have sent too many chat messages!"

I have sent many messages over the time I have played here. 
But, I have never seen that system message before. 

What gives?

... that you join a game in the INN, wait a while, and suddenly you get a message that says:

Match cancelled or terminated

This just happened twice in a row (against the same player).
Was the player somehow able to not join the game (even though they opened the table)?
Or did they disconnect?

Whenever I've opened a table, and someone joins the game, I've never been offered the choice to back out of the game.
So I'm baffled when every now and then this occurs.

Much appreciate anyone who can shed some light on this.

For the past two day the rankings for the daily quest have not been updated.
When you complete the Daily Quest, the board acknowledges that, and pays out the reward.
At least I think it pays out the reward.  I haven't checked my before and after.
Perhaps it would be more accurate for me to say that the announcements say I have earned the reward.

Yesterday I mentioned it in the Inn chat and I did send in a note by way of that pencil icon, but have not yet received a response.
So I figured I should post here so the whole matter does not get lost.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

I just completed a game with a bot.  It ended in a draw.
I began the game with a 1517 rating vs his 1521.
Because his rating was slightly higher than mine, I received a +0.1 reward for my effort.

However, my new "upgraded" rating is now listed as 1516!

I do realize that my initial rating must have been rounded up from 1516.xx.  But for it to round up to 1517, it had to have been at least 1516.5.
So how in the world would the new (at minimum) 1516.6 round down to 1516?

Obviously this is a pretty insignificant matter, and I have no major or minor concerns about it.  But I do have an abiding curiosity as to how in the world this could happen.
If you have a bit of free time on your hands, or are bored and looking for a puzzle, it would give me great pleasure to understand the obscure and obviously magical formula that could lead to these results.

Thank you for your time and attention. 

This is the second time I joined a Glastonbury by mistake. 

I enter the Inn see an open table for what on first glance looks like Cartographers.  I jump in as quickly as I can, because once the Europeans log out for the night, it's very hard to get a game.

I jump in and discover I have just wasted 10 food on a game I don't want to play.  My food is so low, that even if I go view an ad, I still won't have enough food for the game I want.

As I said, this is the second time it has happened to me.  I am frustrated.  There is nothing I can do here that I want to do.
So I have to leave.

Very discouraging.

Around 4:00 AM NE US time, I went to the Inn and saw what appeared to be someone playing Hanamikoji against themself.

Mocha Y. was playing vs Mocha Y.

How in the world can this happen??

I attempted to attach a screenshot, but it might have been too large a file.   
I don't know how to reduce it.  If someone can instruct me how to make my png file fit, or how to convert it to something that will fit, I would much appreciate it.

Or a a way to find a particular person's posts?

I just tried to search on my name, but it only brought up posts where someone had used my name in a post.  It did not bring up any posts I had previously made.

Raging Bulls / How do we gain Meeples in Raging Bull?
« on: 16/06/20, 03:28am »
I see the thing where it say x/y = next meeple.
But I can't find a way to consistently change x.

I just had a draw against an oppo who was slightly higher ranked than I was.
I gained +0.01 points
I began the match at 1695.
After "gaining" 0.01 points, my new rating dropped to 1694.
I tried to attach a screenshot, but got an error.  It says my file size is too large, and I don't remember how to reduce files.

I do understand that the rating points are rounded, and sometimes a rating we see is rounded up.  So I realize that my starting 1695 might have actually been something like 1694.5, or 1694.6 ...etc all the way up to 1694.9

But what I don't understand is how in the world can I add to that original rating and it ends up rounding lower???

Say I was the bare minimum to round up of 1694.5, after the game it would be 1694.6.
1694.6  should still round up to 1695.

Why did the game suddenly round down?

Today's Daily Quest reads:

Win 3 matches
Play mode: Training
Opponent's Rating: 1450

I just won my second game that met all of the criteria listed.  But I was not credited for this second win.

Is there some hidden criteria, such as they must be different opponents?  If so, then that criteria should be listed also.

Or is this just some kind of lag or bug, where it simply hasn't updated, and will do so later?  (I've never seen this happen on crediting a quest objective, though I have seen a delay in posting the updated score for the Daily Quest ranking.)

I'd like to know if I'm simply missing something, or if it's an error on your end that can be corrected.

Thanks for your time and attention.

Happy Meeple community / Disturbing message
« on: 10/04/19, 07:15pm »
I just had an unpleasant experience.  I logged in through the regular log in (not the facebook - don't have facebook).  After about a minute, maybe more, the page had not finished loading.  So I refreshed the page.

This, now, fully loaded the page.  Ok, so now all is good.  I began to decide which game to choose.  Suddenly, another page replaced the the main menu.  It read:


This page was stopped when you opened Happy Meeple in another window.
Please don't open multiple windows!
Happy Meeple login page "

This was disturbing on two counts.
1. I no longer had a window in which to play.
2. I was being scolded for something I didn't do. 

The angry, and falsely accusatory tone of this message is really unpleasant.  I think you could at least remove the exclamation mark at the end of Please don't open multiple windows!.  But a complete rewording of the message, so that it does not immediately presume "guilt", would be much better.

Thank you for your time and your understanding.

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