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How many victory points does it take to buy everything you can for a house? 300?

Happy Meeple community / Re: Daily quest not resetting?
« on: 27/10/19, 04:03am »
Fixed now.

Happy Meeple community / Daily quest not resetting?
« on: 27/10/19, 03:15am »
Is the daily quest not resetting or is my phone just not reporting it?  I got 00:00 on the countdown until the next daily quest but it has been like that for five minutes.

I have bought all of the improvements for all of my houses. I think it unlikely that I will get more houses to improve. So is there anything else that I can spend victory points on?

Lost Cities / Re: Low Cards, discards and picking up
« on: 23/08/19, 05:09am »
I don’t know if this is the best strategy but usually I don’t pick up a 2 unless I already have two dollar signs down and I don’t pick up a 3 or 4 unless I already have one dollar sign down.  Similarly I will discard a 2,3 or 4 if I have nothing down unless I have all of them. And I never discard a dollar sign if it could possibly help my opponent.


Maybe as a nod to board game history we could trade in 4 (fully tricked out?) houses for hotels or some other structures?

Tutorial, training, online play / Re: Forfeit Option
« on: 21/04/19, 07:38am »
At the very least forfeiting against bots should be an option. It is not as if it ruins a bot’s enjoyment of the game.

Tutorial, training, online play / Re: Forfeit Option
« on: 11/04/19, 11:30pm »
Agreed on the casual option.  Perhaps something like the "training with bots" function, which does not affect one's score.

Tips, polls, updates / Re: POLL: Daily Quests
« on: 25/12/18, 05:28pm »
I think it was three different people but could be in the same game or in different games.

Lost Cities / Bot order out of order?
« on: 24/11/18, 10:38pm »
Why does Saboteur have a lower score than Lechebot even though the former comes after the latter? Same question with Bot-dog and Botiful. Or are those scores only for lost cities?


Here is my guess on some of them:

Lobotomo = Lobotomy (a surgical procedure on the brain that among other things will reduce one's intelligence).

Botulis = Botulism. A disease caused by a toxin produced by a bacteria.

Botero = ?

Lechebot = ?

Saboteur = a person that sabotages an operation (usually a spy for another side).

Ghbost = Ghost (a spirit of a dead person)

Zombot = Zombie (an animated body of a dead person, sometimes associated with eating the living, especially their brains).

Botiful = Beautiful?

Bot-Dog = Bought dog perhaps?  I don't know.

Botox = A toxin used in plastic surgery.

Botanist = A person that studies plants.

Verboten = A german word meaning "forbidden".

I know that they are puns, but I only get some of the references.

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