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Yes actually, there are only 2 boards.
In the new extension Cartographers: Heroes, there are  2 new boards.

If you are interested by playing more boards with paper and pen, I've made an Excel sheet which randomize the generation of the map

Cartographers / Re: Cartographers feedback
« on: 28/10/20, 11:43am »
I didn't see that anywhere in the English rules. Maybe the artwork made you think so.
I was sure to have seen something like that somewhere but I was wrong.
You're right.

Cartographers / Re: Cartographers feedback
« on: 27/10/20, 03:09pm »
Hi, normally, during Bugbear assault, you doesn't have only 1 case between the 2 groups of 2 monsters.
The 2 groups can be separated (but keep parallelized) by more cases, in choice of the player.

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