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Level X / Re: Level X errors.
« on: 10/02/22, 09:28pm »
Interesting that it looks like I had grouped the 2 sixes. I am immediately starting to doubt myself, but am still 95-98% sure that I didn't group them. As I played on a computer, there's also very little chance that I happened to wipe/move something without noticing.

Anyhow, I will keep my eyes open if I see anything strange again and in that case report. As I wrote, I had the feeling before that something didn't go as it should, but there are always several months between the occasions...

Level X / Re: Level X errors.
« on: 10/02/22, 06:23pm »
That's generous! Thanks for looking into it. :-)

Level X / Re: Level X errors.
« on: 10/02/22, 05:26pm »
I'm not sure this is the right place to report this, but I've found a bug in Level X:
In this turn (15), I should have gotten 8 + 6 + 6, but I only got the 8.

I've wondered sometimes before in Level X if there wasn't something wrong, but have never tracked it down until now. Seems like a tricky bug, as it only appears rarely. But would of course be great if it got fixed.

I want to suggest another 2-player game: Mandala.
It would be great to have on happymeeple.

Wow! That's amazing. I like the game - it's actually the reason why I found this page. But I haven't been near as many medals.

Cartographers / Best Borderlands
« on: 28/11/20, 04:20pm »
My opponent, Julien B., just made an impressive Borderlands (edict A) with 54 points (= 9 rows) in winter, on the wasteland side. What's the highest score for Borderlands that you've seen?

Here's what his looked like:

Cartographers / Re: Largest Lost Barony?
« on: 19/11/20, 09:19am »

In this game I got 9x9. But there was of course a lot of help from the wasteland spaces.

Cartographers / Re: Wall of shame
« on: 18/11/20, 10:41pm »
Must have happened to me 2 or 3 times until I finally learned. xD

Cartographers / Re: Best Broken Road?
« on: 11/11/20, 07:43am »

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