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This has me baffled.

I'm trying to do the daily quest.  At the start of my first game, my score was 1500.  I was assigned to play against Botanist. His score was 1553.  That seemed reasonable to me.

I lost that game and my score dropped to 1489.  It's still well above 1400.  So I figured - no problem.

In the next game I was assigned to Zombot.  His rating was 1379.  This made my game a complete waste for the quest. His rating is less than 1400 and over 100 points less than I have. 

I was still closer to Botanist at 1553 than to Zombot. 

Furthermore, when I went to look at the list, there are three other bots who are all closer to me than Zombot is.  All of them would have qualified me for the quest.
Botiful - 1429
Botox - 1485
Bot-Dog - 1492

I was only 3 points away from Bot-Dog, and 4 points away from Botox.  So why in the world was I assigned to a bot who was over 100 points away??  For that matter, why was I assigned to a bot over 50 points away in the first game when there were other bots closer to me?   

I had been under the impression that we got assigned which ever bot is closest to us.  I guess this is not the case.  So now I wonder, how are bots assigned to our games?

In doing today's quest, I played against two of the lower bots that I had only earned the 3 wins achievement.  In both cases I was able to move up to having now won 6 games against each.  (I had already actually won 4 games against one of them, so when I won the 2nd game tonight I advanced to the 6 wins.  For the other bot, I had to win 3 games to move from the 3 win rank to the 6 win rank).

In any event, I scored the achievement on two bots - but got no rewards for them.  Each should have earn 75 gold according the the rewards page.   See attachment.   (If I've done that properly.  If I haven't posted the attachment correctly, you can see them on the Happy Meeple rewards page: )

So is this a bug?  Or have these rewards been eliminated but the Rewards page not yet updated?

Tips, polls, updates / Rewards Page Bugged
« on: 28/11/16, 05:57am »
Twice in a row I accepted the offer to visit our partner and get a nice reward.

I click to go to the page and at first it behaves normally.  But within seconds I am transferred to a new page that claims to be
Windows 10 Driver Optimizer

It claims it is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.  Maybe it is legit.  But the Happy Meeple rewards page has disappeared.  There is no timer counting down to when I can collect and return to Happy Meeple.  So I suspect it's not quite on the up and up.

I'm going to ignore it, but wanted to mention this because I don't understand how this thing is cropping up when I have gone to the Happy Meeple rewards page.

Tips, polls, updates / Teams?
« on: 01/11/16, 05:40pm »
In the update thread it said:

Update of the database allowing us to guess player's best team according to IP.

I can't begin to figure out what you mean by teams.  I've never played on a team here, or even seen an opportunity to do so.

what are they?

World, castle, market... / House Question
« on: 04/08/16, 09:59pm »
I just got my 80th Meeple.  Along with it, I got a message saying that I had earned a new house and should immediately go to the world to customize it.  I clicked the available world button in the message.  I expected to arrive on the map with a house to place.  But this did not happen.  I don't really know how many houses I had before, so I couldn't tell if the game had automatically placed the new house for me.  I rather doubt this is the case, because I've never seen the game do this.  It's always given me what ever item it was, and asked me to place it.  So I tend to think I did not get a new house.

Once you are back from holiday, can you check into this, or give me a better understanding of how this works?

Tips, polls, updates / Question About Gold
« on: 11/07/16, 03:45pm »
I currently have 3669 gold coins, but I don't understand how.  I think that all rewards are increments of 5.  All purchases are increments of 5.  So how did I get a gold amount ending in a 9?

A day or so ago, I had all blue Meeples - meaning I had a blue meeple for each game.  I don't understand why different games have different progressions rates.  Most of the games had a fast way to progress by getting 3 wins.  But for two of the games you had to win 4 games to progress to the purple meeple.

Is it supposed to be this way?  Will progression to all of the ranks be like this?  (some games take more, some take less). 

And is this the correct forum to post these questions?  I wasn't sure which forum would be appropriate.

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