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Lost Cities / Re: maximum points in one color
« on: 02/08/17, 03:07pm »

That is really cool!!!

Happy Meeple community / Re: for North-American players
« on: 03/07/17, 08:59pm »
NA here.  I clicked on

Lost Cities - The Card Game
Forbidden Island

(By the way, I think a cooperative game like Forbidden Island would be an extremely good game to encourage people to play together and get to know each other.  People are more likely to enjoy each other's company when working together to achieve a mutual goal, than when trying to destroy each other.   ;) )

If there is a problem with your clicks getting properly counted, I hope this helps and you get it straightened out soon.

Happy Meeple community / Re: Heptathlon!
« on: 20/06/17, 12:39am »
Sounds like a cool idea!  :D
Would be nice to see.

I was not too low to meet the requirement.  I was at 1500 and the quest only required 1400.  I lost one game to a 1553 bot, dropping down to 1489 (if I remember correctly).  But I was still 89 points over the required amount.  Then the computer assigned me an opponent who was 110 points lower than I was.    There were still several bots much closer to my rating, all of whom would have satisfied the requirements for the quest.

I can understand the need to provide some variety.  The 4 other bots within my range could easily provide that.  Where is the need to reach down for a bot 110 points lower??

Sincere question - Would it be too difficult to have the code check to see if the game is part of a daily quest, then check to see if bots who satisfy the requirements of the quest are available, before assigning a bot?

If other humans are available, which they are not always, I personally don't feel comfortable barging in on someone else's game.   I know that many times when I play, I do so while engaged in another task that has down time - such as cooking - but that requires me to quickly leave the computer to attend to it.   If a human joins my game, I either have to risk losing the game, or burning dinner.   I prefer the bot games, because the 10 minute timer allows me to play, and take care of other things.  If there were 10 minute games available with humans, I'd be fine with them. 

In any event, not knowing what another human's situation is like, I feel terribly rude jumping into one of their games.  Maybe I'm forcing them into a similar unpleasant situation.  Further, if it is a quest, where I am lower than the requirements, I think it unkind to make someone waste a quest game that they could not get any credit for even if they win it.

As a result, I prefer to play the bots, but would like to know that I'm not going to get assigned to a bot so far below my own rank that it does not qualify for the quest, when there are plenty of bots available who do qualify.

This has me baffled.

I'm trying to do the daily quest.  At the start of my first game, my score was 1500.  I was assigned to play against Botanist. His score was 1553.  That seemed reasonable to me.

I lost that game and my score dropped to 1489.  It's still well above 1400.  So I figured - no problem.

In the next game I was assigned to Zombot.  His rating was 1379.  This made my game a complete waste for the quest. His rating is less than 1400 and over 100 points less than I have. 

I was still closer to Botanist at 1553 than to Zombot. 

Furthermore, when I went to look at the list, there are three other bots who are all closer to me than Zombot is.  All of them would have qualified me for the quest.
Botiful - 1429
Botox - 1485
Bot-Dog - 1492

I was only 3 points away from Bot-Dog, and 4 points away from Botox.  So why in the world was I assigned to a bot who was over 100 points away??  For that matter, why was I assigned to a bot over 50 points away in the first game when there were other bots closer to me?   

I had been under the impression that we got assigned which ever bot is closest to us.  I guess this is not the case.  So now I wonder, how are bots assigned to our games?

Does it have more than 1 word in the game's name?

Glastonbury / Re: New game: Glastonbury
« on: 11/04/17, 10:12pm »

It worked this time.

Thanks so much!    :D

Glastonbury / Re: New game: Glastonbury
« on: 31/03/17, 12:31am »

It is now done for both of you.

Carter, I was just waiting for your reply in the chat, which I have now found.

Guest, I seem to recall that I had clicked on the appropriate button yesterday, but it seems that it did not work. It stands corrected. Enjoy your 2000 coins! And please register your account. It is very simple. I would hate to see your (big!) account go to waste. It may happen at any time (as soon as your browser empties its cache). Better be safe than sorry.


Hi Nicholas - just want you to be aware it's still not working.  No coins came in.  Would also like to say, if they had arrived, I would have posted a thank you.   

Also, regarding registering, I'm uncomfortable sharing personal info on line.  Friends have drummed it into my head that it's not a good thing to do; that it can be dangerous.  So I don't mean to be unsociable, but I'm just uncomfortable.

Glastonbury / Re: New game: Glastonbury
« on: 28/03/17, 01:44am »
Thanks Guest. I have been able to reproduce the issue.

The bug is now corrected.

So it is not possible to use an ACCIO after using a DECLINATIO spell to get out of a corner. This particular case had been completely overseen in the development process.

You deserve a big reward. Please find 2000 gold coins in your account!

Have fun!

Whoa!  Thanks - did not expect that!
(was my first reaction to your post.)
  I quickly went to go buy the bricks and stones I've been saving up for, (I was within 500 coins of being able to buy the max of both of them)  and discovered there were no new coins.   I'm not sure what happened.  But it seems you either got distracted, and forgot, or made some kind of typo and credited them to another account.  That would be pretty easy, given I'm only identified by a long number.

Glastonbury / Re: New game: Glastonbury
« on: 24/03/17, 08:04pm »
Red bot just used 2 magic spells in one turn: - if I understand a turn correctly.
1. Had a 1 on top, landed in a corner and used a Declinatio to get out of a corner.
2. Moved one more space and used an Accio spell to pick up a (mystery) card not in that row.

This was about 3:40-3:44 PM EDT.

Given I didn't get a turn in between those two actions, I think of that as one turn for him. 

EDIT: That was Saboteur, who happened to be playing the red color in that game.  Sorry for any confusion.

I see what you are saying.  Yes, it is a bit confusing.  Thanks for clearing that up.   :)

In doing today's quest, I played against two of the lower bots that I had only earned the 3 wins achievement.  In both cases I was able to move up to having now won 6 games against each.  (I had already actually won 4 games against one of them, so when I won the 2nd game tonight I advanced to the 6 wins.  For the other bot, I had to win 3 games to move from the 3 win rank to the 6 win rank).

In any event, I scored the achievement on two bots - but got no rewards for them.  Each should have earn 75 gold according the the rewards page.   See attachment.   (If I've done that properly.  If I haven't posted the attachment correctly, you can see them on the Happy Meeple rewards page: )

So is this a bug?  Or have these rewards been eliminated but the Rewards page not yet updated?

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Rewards Page Bugged
« on: 28/11/16, 09:24pm »
Just now when I posted my last message, I checked the time on both my computer and the time stamp on my post.

4:09 PM my time, was = 9:15 PM forum time

I understand why there is a 5 hour difference.  I have no idea why there is a 6 minute difference.  But maybe that would further help you in finding what the time was on your side when I had the problem. 
If my computer said it was 12:43 AM when I went to make the post (meaning right after the two failed attempts at the rewards page), that would have been 5:49 Happy Meeple time.  So the problem probably occurred at 5:48 AM Happy Meeple time.

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Rewards Page Bugged
« on: 28/11/16, 09:15pm »
Unfortunately I can not give you the exact time it occurred.  I was concerned it was the fraudulent site and removed it from my history.  I can see the space where it was. 

I had begun a Finito game at 12:37 AM EST.  When it ended I returned to the main menu and got the offer.  Clicked on it and then happened as I described above.  I closed that page, went back to Happy Meeple, got the offer again, and the same thing occurred.

At 12:43 AM I went to the Happy Meeple forum to post the info.  So it occurred someplace between the end of the game that began at 12:37 - I'd guess it took about 5 minutes to play the game.  That would bring it up to about 12:42 when I tried to get the reward.  I'd like to repeat that I am in the US Eastern Standard Time zone.  I think this is about 5 hours earlier than the Happy Meeple time.

Also, after I finished posting.  I closed the browser, reopened it, and went to another site, because I often can not get into Happy Meeple right after leaving it.  When I came back later, I was able to get the reward with no further problems.  That was at 1:35 AM US-EST.  So closing, and reopening the browser might have cleared the problem.

Tips, polls, updates / Rewards Page Bugged
« on: 28/11/16, 05:57am »
Twice in a row I accepted the offer to visit our partner and get a nice reward.

I click to go to the page and at first it behaves normally.  But within seconds I am transferred to a new page that claims to be
Windows 10 Driver Optimizer

It claims it is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.  Maybe it is legit.  But the Happy Meeple rewards page has disappeared.  There is no timer counting down to when I can collect and return to Happy Meeple.  So I suspect it's not quite on the up and up.

I'm going to ignore it, but wanted to mention this because I don't understand how this thing is cropping up when I have gone to the Happy Meeple rewards page.

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