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Raging Bulls Training Challenge Isn't Working


Adam H.:
I've finished the Raging Bulls Shed Training multiple times, isolating all bulls, and selecting the bull shed. The game then tells me, "Challenge Failed! Shed not built. undefined." I don't know WTF that means. I picked a shed. I finished the challenge. There's absolutely no reason the PoS should be telling me the challenge failed.

Hugo M.:
You choose a bull shed but the 5 is missing to complete the shed. Feel free to ask me about Raging Bulls.

Jimmy V.:
You are not the first one to be confused about this. The games asks you which building you want to build. That does not mean it is already built. It only means that you chose what kind of building you are building.

To actually complete the building, you need to cross all numbers as Hugo pointed out.

I'll try to make this a bit clearer, by an extra sentence or an extra visual clue. Better late than never.

Jimmy V.:
After looking into this, we believe that we had already done modifications to the text to make sure everything was clear. So in the end, we did not change anything on that side. I think lots of players read tutorials a bit too quickly and miss important information as a result. We can't blame anyone. That's human nature to want to be playing immediately rather than reading.  ;D

We however corrected the bug that made "Undefined" appear on screen. This was a result of HexRoller implementation. Some extra details (in case of challenge failures) are provided in HexRoller. But this was not reflected in the Raging Bulls implementation which partially uses the same code (for challenges).

So thanks for pointing out the issue!

Have fun and Merry Christmas!


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