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What happened, or How did it happen


Marlene H.:
... that you join a game in the INN, wait a while, and suddenly you get a message that says:

Match cancelled or terminated

This just happened twice in a row (against the same player).
Was the player somehow able to not join the game (even though they opened the table)?
Or did they disconnect?

Whenever I've opened a table, and someone joins the game, I've never been offered the choice to back out of the game.
So I'm baffled when every now and then this occurs.

Much appreciate anyone who can shed some light on this.

Huggable T.:
I also receive this message too and I also wonder why it happens. Its a good question and I shall be interested in the answer.

Amb-) S.:
I think when they don't press the Lets Go button it ends the match

Marlene H.:
I think maybe you are right.
It would make sense.

Thanks for the reply.   :D

Jimmy V.:

If the "let's go" button is showing, then the match is actually started and you won't get a "match cancelled".

The "match cancelled" should only occur when the opponent does not reach the game page or the game page fails to load/connect properly.

The most likely explanation is that the player leaves the website at the same moment the game is created. They don't realize that the game has started. We have no other option but to cancel the match. Another explanation is that the game page fails to load/connect as stated above.


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