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Needs Allowance to Reposition a Just-Placed Piece

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More than any other game on here, this game desperately needs a re-do function. There are games where numerous special rules are in effect and an accidentally misplaced piece can cost you the game (just happened to me). This is stupid. In a real board game, you would simply fix it as soon as you realized. An in-person opponent isn't going to say, "No way! You can't shift it at all!" without sounding like a real piece of work. No one wants to play with people like that.

So, there should be an option to lift a just-placed piece and place it elsewhere.

Seriously, who's it gonna hurt? (No one. Except the trolls.)

* And how many people will it make happy? (Every one who needs to use it, which will probably be anyone who plays numerous games.)
* And it won't change the rules. It will only make the game more playable, like a real board game.

And isn't that what we all want here?

Amb-) S.:
Happens to me a lot. Sometimes the piece jumps.
I feel your pain. 
I would love it if this could be a feature

Alex B.:
Really bad with phones.  Hex Roller seems to have it better as it takes steps to make a move.

Jimmy V.:
I fully understand how undos can be useful and I feel your pain too.

There is just one tiny problem. Undos are very hard to program as they add an extra layer of complexity. It is a bit like multiplying by 2 the complexity of the interface. Maybe not quite 2x but a lot. You can't imagine the number of bugs we corrected in HexRoller (because of the undo added complexity) to get things right in the end. For that game, it was more like 3x, 4x actually.

On touchscreens the tiles do often move after committing - it's really annoying. i think a short (maybe 3 seconds) time to redo the last move would be awesome.

Or maybe a second "ok" click, maybe only if a new "touchscreen option" is checked.


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