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Why is there no tie breaker?


Tie breakers. All complex board games have them. Why doesn't this one? A tied game is the bane of every true strategist. Many consider a loss better than a draw. There are so many options here.

* The easiest tie breaker would be used space. Whoever has the fewest open squares left wins.

* Another possibility is coins. Whichever player amassed the most during the game wins.
* Finally, there's the sum total of all goals. Who's highest in all four categories combined?

Mike A.:
There are many excellent games that don't have tie breakers. I've never played the game in question, but many games are more satisfying with ties than declaring a winner due to some arbitrary rule. I look at it this way, if I can't clearly and obviously defeat an opponent, I don't deserve a win.

Xyon M.:
Cartographers has a tie breaker, but they didn't include it.

From the rulebook (via BGG):
"In the event of a tie, the tied player who lost the least reputation stars to monster terrain across all four seasons is the winner. If there is a further tie, all tied players share the victory."

Jimmy V.:
Yes. That was an oversight. We never looked at the tie-breaker for Cartographers.

We can't really change it now.

As this tie-breaker is not really something you can take into account much during the game, it is not a big deal.

Huggable T.:
I like a draw !!!!  It means both have played well and have that knowledge that you were not beaten. (especially if you have played a higher rank opponent)  I mean I enjoy Carto,  win or lose but when you lose by a point - you think of all those times that you could have played a piece differently and want to screech!! ROFL 


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