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What's Wrong with Leaving a Game with a Bot?

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Why am I being penalized for leaving a game with a bot? This makes no sense.

It's especially frustrating when you thought you were winning, experienced some slow down of internet connection (perhaps just on Happy Meeple : sometimes I can tell all my windows/websites are slow, sometimes it's all good except HM), slow down to which HM is very sensitive and you get disconnected from the game (whereas on other websites, you can close your browser, restart your computer, go grab a tea and stop at the toilets, if you're back within 2min the game goes on without problem).

You're not only penalised in that you don't get to see the end of your game, but you are also given an Elo/defeat penalty. Which also interrupts your win series.

And nobody had their game ruined, because your opponent was a bot who doesn't care.

Long story short, yeah. Happy Meeple, it would be awesome if you stopped penalising players who interrupt games against bots.

Mike A.:
There are a couple of different issues here. To the original post, we need to be penalized (given a loss) if we leave because games against bots matter with rating. If players weren't penalized, we could just leave instead of losing to improve our rating.

That being said, as Blackshift said, it would be nice to be given 10 minutes or whatever to get back to the game in case the "leaving" is actually a disconnect.

Jimmy V.:
The penalty that we could remove is the small one that prevents you from playing again immediately if you left an online game. I am not even sure it is there actually in that case. It is likely that we take care of that special situation.

The rating penalty can't obviously be removed for the reason explained by Mike A.

If you want to play against the bot in a more relaxed way, please use the training mode, which is perfect for this.

If you want to play for rating, you have to accept that a disconnection will lead to a loss of points. There is no other way to do it or our rating system would soon become meaningless.

Mark B.:
so what if you only finish bot games you are going to win and always leave bot games you're going to lose.  this would artificially inflate player ratings since normal bot games allow you to rank/rate.  it's either this or bot games don't count toward ratings and that's no fun for anyone who can't find a partner.  you can't have your cake and Edith too :D


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