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Thomas W.:
I have played a lot of Scrabble online at the Internet Scrabble Club. It is a regular occurrence there for players to curse at you, insult you, accuse you of cheating, and curse at you some more.

    I have never played anyone here who is not courteous and friendly. I don't know why there is such a stark difference, but it is really nice to be here. I feel like we are all friends. I have made several friends at ISC, and the majority are not abusive, but a very large minority are. Maybe it's something about Scrabble.

Jimmy V.:

Thanks for posting your thoughts! This is very much appreciated.

It is funny that you say that. I actually answered a similar question on Reddit a few days ago. See here.

In short, I think the average age of the players is a very important factor. I have doubts that Scrabble players were teenagers though. So maybe I am wrong.

In any case, we take the matter very seriously and any abuser will not stay on Happy Meeple for long.

Overall, we have had very little trouble. I am very proud of this friendly community. There is very little to moderate. May this last long!


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