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Jimmy V.:
Hello all,

I am sure that most of you have seen that we provide a list of recommended games at the bottom of the main menu page. We have done so for some time now.

We have played most of those games and they are all good. You can't really go wrong with any of them. Of course, you still need to get the right game for the right person. Not every game is for everyone. But they are all intrinsically excellent and if you feel that our recommendation is not enough, most of them won prestigious international awards.

All the links are from affiliate programs. It means that we earn a small share from any game you may purchase from these links.

I am sure that lots of you will buy games for Christmas. If you value what we do, please consider purchasing those games via our partners. This will be very much appreciated.

Here are our main partners:

Philibert (France, ships worldwide)

Zatu (United Kingdom, ships worldwide)

Milan Spiele (Germany)

Amazon (USA)
Amazon (UK)
Amazon (France)
Amazon (Germany)

PS: I have personally ordered from Philibert and Zatu. Never had any issue. Highly recommended online board game shops with competitive prices.

PS2: Amazon links should work for everything, not only games.

Jimmy V.:
It is Black Friday on Zatu.

Great prices on Flamme rouge, Unlock, Everdell, all excellent games.

Jimmy V.:
As for Philibert, it's "Blague Friday": they give 5 euros to an association for each order placed today.

Blague Friday (FR) -- Blague Friday (EN)

Jimmy V.:
Ready for Christmas?
 :D ;) :) ;D

Jimmy V.:
Hello all,

Christmas is coming. It is time to remind you to buy some games.

This year is a bit special. Indeed, while the Covid pandemic is still going on and the global economy is slowly recovering, there are still massive issues in the logistical chain. Lots of things can't be produced as much as they are needed and lots of things can't be shipped quickly enough. This is particularly true for board games. A lot of them are produced in China (not all of them fortunately) and so it is expected that many board games will be out of stock for Christmas this year.

I would therefore recommend that you buy your games early to avoid disappointment.

We'd appreciate if you used one of our trusted partners for your Christmas shopping. This will help us earn a little bit money. Please see above for the full list.

Thanks for your help!

Nicolas Guibert.


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