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Upturned T.:
Thanks for creating a really nice game! Votes for the questions are below. You covered a lot of my feedback in those questions. I didn't encounter any bugs so far (Windows 10, Chrome).

1 - It'd be nice (but not a big deal if not) to always see the goals
2 - Mild bias towards the suspense -- Thinking on this I realized I am usually aware of my special cards' score but only marginally aware of my opponent's. I can't imagine how much the game will change if I saw their score or if it will. I don't share the abandonment concern.
3 - At the moment - neutral
4 - Slightly annoying
5 - Works fine
6 - I don't play it on my phone - no feedback
7 - +1 for fixed positions for my board and score although I have now learnt to check first

Thanks again - the finish of the game is excellent!

Soomin H.:
1) It's okay for me... I think there's nowhere else to put them

2) I think it would be great to show the scores during the game... Especially during training matches, because I have no idea if what I'm doing is good or bad and only seeing it at the end means I can only see the points on my final layout and not what I could have done differently while playing.

3) I just don't use the two towns view XD;;;

4) Not terribly, lol
5) On a desktop it works fine

6) N/A

7) This is super confusing for me... I'd rather always be on bottom, tbh, because my town is on the bottom of the screen (compared to my opponent who is displayed above) so I naturally look at the bottom row for my score.

Thanks so much for listening to our comments and concerns ^.^ You all rock~!

Karin S.:

I like this game a lot. It is quite complex for such a "small" game, to me, it actually feels more like a "big" board game rather than a card game. Also, you did a great job with the background music!

My input on your questions:
1) I do scroll up and down during the game quite a lot. Seeing the goals top-right would be great, but only if it doesn't make things too crowded or too small to decipher.
2) I definitely prefer the suspense with scoring on the end.
3) + 4) I have hardly changed the views so far, so no opinion...
5) Sometimes it takes a few attempts to make the double-click work, but I have no idea why that is! I play on a desktop browser (with a mouse).
6) I don't use a mobile or tablet.
7) Strong vote for fixed positions!! Not only for the scoring table, please also for the card layouts.

Thank you for offering this great game!  :)

Jimmy V.:
Thanks to you all for the nice feedback. That's really helpful and really appreciated.

A first update has been done a few minutes ago with the following changes:

7) The cow is always displayed on the left and the gun on the right in the "Both towns" view.
In the final scoring table, the cow is always at the bottom and the gun always on top.

In "Both towns" view, the grid is not visible anymore making for a more pleasing sight.

The size of the background images has been slightly decreased to fit the screen better.

The first player and second player are now indicated next to the player meeples with a 1 and a 2. This is effective for all games.


Jimmy V.:
Another update has just been made.

1) The 3 goals are now visible on the right of the screen, in a compact form (image only). Make sure you read the full goal explanation at the bottom of the screen before relying too much on the new goal icons.


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