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Kasia D.:
Hey ;) thanks for the tips ;D

Happy for your support, Jeremy. I understand that it may be ideal to have people follow through with games until the natural end, but I honestly wouldn't mind having people forfeit early as long as I got the win and the score increase. Especially because this is a competitive platform. I would also like to see an option on Happy Meeple for casual play in which scores do not change. Then people who just want to play a game all the way through for fun only can do so.

Alex B.:
Agreed on the casual option.  Perhaps something like the "training with bots" function, which does not affect one's score.

+1 (or rather +10) to the request above.
Seriously, why are we locked in a game once it starts ?

Currently I'm kind of into Keltis Card, and sometimes the start of the game is sooo bad that honestly, all I want to do is say "ok gg, I concede". I know, I know, sometimes if you suffer through a horrible start, you may still end up doing very well. I've won at least once with no wishing stones. But that does not mean I want to suffer through it.

@Jeremy : perhaps you don't want people "forfeiting on you", but what if your opponent is no longer having fun ? Sure, there's your fun lost as well. And I think the board game etiquette IRL is generally to finish games (although it would depend on the particular situation). But there should be the option to "propose to end the game". So that it's bilateral. If both players agree, they can stop.

I'd like to point out that I play >90% of my games against bots. I don't know the stats on the website, but it should certainly be possible to unilaterally stop a game against a bot.

Emily W.:
Totally agree with the forfeit button, tho, thanks for the tips)


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