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Birgit S.:
Hi, my name is Birgit. I live in Germany, near Hamburg. I like to play lost cities now and then. Nice to meet people from al over the world. Looking forward to meet you, too. Have a nice day.

Andrew N.:
Hi!  My name is ANDREW!  I like skiing!  I have a lot of emotional problems.

I did a bad thing.

Here are my favourite games:

Air Assault on Crete
Up Front
Combat Commander
Squad Leader
7 Ages

Phil W.:
Hi All!

I'm Phil, I'm based in Oxford, England, U.K. And EU (for now at least!).

I have two young boys and a wonderful wife who also plays on here. My work is pretty flexible and often involves running training games for big firms in the UK, USA and occasionally in Asia. I love my work and playing all sorts of games such as; Lost Cities, Survive, Sushi Go, Splendor, Love letters, escape, scrabble, boggle and trivia games too.

Sally F.:
Hi there!  I'm new to Happy Meeple, and I'm having a great time.  Lost Cities and Siberia are particular favourites of mine. I've run across an unusual problem recently, though, which is that, being a newbie, 8've run out of food a few times and have often clicked on the "get 8 food for viewing a message" thing.  The problem is not that, of course, but I've now three times been directed to a website called "La tour a Des", which crashes my Safari (actually my husband's Safari, on his iPad).  If there's any advice you can give me that might help, that would be great!  In the meantime, I'll just keep on paying these fun games!  Thanks,


Hal9000 X.:
Hello everybody!
I'm Adel. I found this some time ago and now I'm back.
I like to play especially:
Puerto Rico


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