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Ieta C.:
Hello everyone! I'm Ieta, from Derbyshire in the middle of the UK. I liked board games as a child, but really got interested in it when I discovered a board games club a mile from my house at the start of last year (alas, it will not re-open until the venue where it meets does, which means I last went in mid-March...) I don't have a particular favourite board game, but enjoy trying out new games - the club had several members who liked buying games from local shops, so there was always plenty of variety.

My favourites tend to be on either side of the scale - either largely based on luck (Dicey Goblins, Game of Life, Colour Addict) or strategy-heavy games (chess, Raiders of the North Sea, Century: Spice Road). I am also a fan of trivia-based board games, although there was one person at my club who was considerably better than me...

I also enjoy computer games. While I was ill with what turned out to be appendicitis late last year, I discovered Happy Meeple. It was really helpful during convaelescence, and even more so when the pandemic arrived. My favourite games here are Cartographers and Lost Cities, thouh I will happily play any of them.

My other hobbies are reading (fantasy, science fiction, just about any non-fiction book), swimming, running and studying.

Sam S.:
Hey everyone, I'm Sam from the USA. I work for a large software company which if you work in healthcare in the states, you've probably heard of.

I love Poke, Bubble Tea, Chess, Snow, Science, Futurism, and Andrew Yang.

I found this website by searching for Cartographer and currently that's the only game I plan on playing here. Hope to chat with you all while playing! If you talk to me in Spanish or French, I can probably understand but won't be able to reply.

Johan R.:
hi i am adam pong i live in france and i think that this web can be helped

Wyatt B.:
Hi all!

I should have done this a while ago, but it is better late than never.

 My name is Wyatt B.  I am a private music instructor (amongst many other things) in Portland, Oregon  USA. Aside from teaching, playing, and recording music, I enjoy darts, writing, gold prospecting, comedy, a bunch of other things, and, of course, board/tabletop games and gaming. I enjoy developing new game ideas too, but just to play with friends, so far, and enjoy Happy Meeple and the online community that makes it so warm and wonderful. I look forward to playing you all, at some point. If you see me on, say hi. :)

Current favorites on HM:

Siberia Card
Lost Cities
Level X
(and pretty much all the others, too. LOL)

Desi V.:
hi my name is desiderio vazquez, i live in cancun, i´m a teacher.


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