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Bots can unlock out of order?

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Jamie A.:
Hello. I thought the bots always unlocked in the same order and without skipping any. Is this normal?

Jimmy V.:
Let's play a little game!

200 gold coins for the person who can explain this "mystery".

Jamie A.:
I can see the ratings being swapped out of order for this game, but if there's something else yes it's a mystery to me.  :)

Jeff M.:
I suspect the admins are happy about this situation, as it would be an encouraging sign.  No?

Jimmy V.:
Yes indeed Jamie. 200 gold coins for you.

For some reason, the bots are not ranked in the order that we expected. Most of the time, this will be because a bot is not as strong against humans as against the other bots (which they are rated against in the first place). Other times, the issue will come from the fact that bot #4 plays against all beginners when bot #5 plays against players who are climbing the ladder. #4 would therefore have an inflated rating and #5 might have a deflated one.

Have fun with our online board games!


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