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Cartographers / Re: Tile cannot be placed
« on: 17/03/23, 02:51pm »
Hi Lisa

Are you aware of the time and the game reference and who you were playing.  Maybe one of us can have a look at the game and see the situation that you faced and assess the issue.  Once when I started Carto, I was adamant that I could not place a tile and then Carolyn watched it back and advised me where the only space was  - I did not flip the card.  I know now!!!  Maybe one of us can assist you.

Happy Meeple community / Re: Server down?
« on: 24/10/22, 03:40pm »
I believe it went down at 10.15 PM UK time ( Now 15:37 PM the next day).    I was concerned that I would be deducted ratings points for the game that I was playing as I had just started a game of "Raging Bulls".  However I can assure any players at that time, that I was not penalised and therefore any games were just cancelled and no points lost.


I most certainly agree with this.   It was part reason I do not come into play the games anymore as you lose so many points when disconnects keep happening and BT seems to be disconnecting me a lot recently - not for long, but its enough for me to lose the game by default!!!!

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Timeout
« on: 17/01/22, 10:20pm »
At the start especially for newbies to Cartographers, it takes a while for each card to sink in.  I must admit I find Circle the Wagons very difficult in getting use to the three cards and what they mean, so I take ages on my first turn.  I can see the extra time for the Spring season maybe useful to some players

I think this situation has been brought up before so I leave it to the admins to respond but your idea is a good one Matthias.  It reminds me a bit of Chess when you were given so long on the clock for the complete match and after each turn you stopped the clock.  If you ran out of time then you forfeited the match !!!!

I also receive this message too and I also wonder why it happens. Its a good question and I shall be interested in the answer.

Cartographers / Re: Best Borderlands
« on: 01/08/21, 11:15pm »
It is achievable with the wasteland but you have to go for it and forego reputation coins - I have achieved 66 points only the once when it was Edict D  - however I find it very difficult without the wasteland to achieve a decent high score.   It would be interesting to find out what meeplers  max scores are with and without the wasteland for borderlands when its Edict A or D

I know there are meeplers who have made over 200 points in their games, so their input would be great if Borderlands was present in them

Meant to say its the strategy of the game - do you go for one suit and try to get the bonus at the expense of other expeditions or go for multiple expeditions and try to boost your points that way.

Hi Lieven.  Lost Cities is not my strong game but I think its because the rules are that you get 50 bonus points if you make eight cards of the same colour suit.  You needed one more re your green expedition to achieve the same result.  I hope this helps.  If you knew this already - I apologise.

Cartographers / Re: Why is there no tie breaker?
« on: 29/03/21, 01:17pm »
I like a draw !!!!  It means both have played well and have that knowledge that you were not beaten. (especially if you have played a higher rank opponent)  I mean I enjoy Carto,  win or lose but when you lose by a point - you think of all those times that you could have played a piece differently and want to screech!! ROFL 

Happy Meeple community / Re: About resignation
« on: 20/01/21, 08:23pm »
I thought this was an excellent post in response to what has happened in the main room recently.  Personally speaking and I know everybody is different  but I always play to the end as I am just here to enjoy the games and the chat with the other players

Cartographers / Re: Wall of shame
« on: 30/12/20, 06:34pm »
Me too.  However I have only beaten Tham Map the once in all the matches I have played against this talented player.  Guess what Tham Map did in that specific game - yep -  put his village against a mountain and could not catch me.  So I can say that I won but it was by default rather than my judgement !!!!!! ROFL

Cartographers / Re: Time controls
« on: 25/11/20, 06:04pm »
 I think its a very difficult subject - sometimes I know the move I want to do and other times, I want to have a bit of a study.  The turn/deal of the next card can instantly change my mind/strategy. Playing fast can cause errors and I have made enough of those!!!!  LOL If you are learning a game then you would in my opinion take longer to make a move until you are more experienced.

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Restrict tables by rating
« on: 14/11/20, 09:21pm »
Personally I would not like to restrict anybody from playing me but I can see the benefits of such restriction on tables.  Everybody has to start somewhere and its amazing how many of the happy meepler community can play this game so well whatever their rating. Its great fun.  So I approve of the scheme but would not put any restrictions on my account.

I am also wanting a Cartographers tournament and a new Hanamakoji like the one last year

Happy Meeple community / Re: Introduce yourself!
« on: 18/10/20, 12:07am »
Greetings - My name is Wayne and I live in the county of kent in the south East corner of the UK.  Huggables was the name of my first ever teddy bear as a child.  I am retired now and at 57 years of age, I wanted my brain to function .  A friend suggested this site a few years ago.  Playing on this site makes me think a lot and I have such a good laugh - its a good feel site and has the most lovely people to compete against and chat to.  I like to try different languages and although very basic, I will try to say hello in the language of my competitor.   I do not care if I win or lose but I am competitive.  My best wishes to you all

Hello Mary - If I am right when you see your wheat field is ready for harvesting on your world map - you will get options - when you press on your wheat field once it has grown - made sure that you press the harvest as otherwise you will lose it which I have done very often !!!!!   Also the granary gives you more food so when you log in you should see an extra six food per granary - standard is 20 food max so an extra granary gives you 26 max and two =granaries give you 32 max etc.  I am sure that a kind person will contradict this if I am wrong as everybody is very helpful.  - best wishes and enjoy the games - wayne

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