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Ok, thanks, I didn't look at it that way. You could be right about that. I couldn't find it in the rulebook, however.

Circle The Wagons / Question about scoring of badlands
« on: 08/08/21, 11:23am »
Hi, I just played a game of Circle The Wagons.
I was assuming I would score 12 on badlands in that game, but in the end I only got 8 points.

My town is on the left, on the third row I first have a gun between two desert territories, after that I have another (in which the gun itself is also on a desert territory) and lastly I also have the same gun between two desert territories vertically.

Apparently, the last one isn't scored. Is this because I misunderstood the rules (badlands specifically), or is it a mistake in the scoring algorithm?

Lost Cities / Is scoring of Lost Cities unfair/biased?
« on: 23/07/21, 12:29pm »
I have the feeling Lost Cities is awarding to much points to one exceptional expedition, while it doesn't take into account all played expeditions.
If you don't get what I mean, take a look at the attached game between Botanist and me.

Botanist has played 4 expeditions, of which 1 is exceptional (98 points), 1 is good (26 points), and 2 others are bad (-9 points and -14 points).
I have played 3 expeditions, that are all good (at least 20 points per expedition).

Yet in final scoring, Botanist has 30 more points than me (101 vs 71).
I somehow feel this is unfair, but maybe that's just how scoring works and I have to adapt to it.

What do you think?

Cartographers / Re: Best Broken Road?
« on: 17/12/20, 09:06am »
I've got them all and it helped me win the game against the best player at the moment (thanthamthomap).

Cartographers / Re: Wall of shame
« on: 19/11/20, 11:07am »
I've done this many times  >:(

Cartographers / Re: Cartographers simulation v0
« on: 14/11/20, 01:43pm »
Thanks for your response Carl. You understood my question well.

... and luckily it is not that hard to identify the groups on the board.

If you know how to do it, it probably isn't that hard, but if you don't...
I must say I'm far from an expert at programming, I'm not a programmer by profession.
Still, I just had a look at the provided links. Now trying to translate that into working code.
Wish me luck, I'll need it...

Cartographers / Re: Cartographers simulation v0
« on: 13/11/20, 08:45pm »
I'm interested in making my own simulation, but I got stuck at how to program counting of points in for example greengold plains.

I know you get 3 points for each village cluster adjacent to at least three other terrain types, but where do you start (and stop) counting,
seems not very obvious how to program this :(

Do you have any hints on how I could tackle this problem?

Thanks, I guess I was lucky the bulls were at the corners...

Hi, i scored a new record for Raging Bulls (126), see attachment...

Raging Bulls / Re: Questions about Saws
« on: 22/03/20, 08:02am »
They seem to be one use only.

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