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Circle The Wagons / Question about scoring of badlands
« on: 08/08/21, 11:23am »
Hi, I just played a game of Circle The Wagons.
I was assuming I would score 12 on badlands in that game, but in the end I only got 8 points.

My town is on the left, on the third row I first have a gun between two desert territories, after that I have another (in which the gun itself is also on a desert territory) and lastly I also have the same gun between two desert territories vertically.

Apparently, the last one isn't scored. Is this because I misunderstood the rules (badlands specifically), or is it a mistake in the scoring algorithm?

Lost Cities / Is scoring of Lost Cities unfair/biased?
« on: 23/07/21, 12:29pm »
I have the feeling Lost Cities is awarding to much points to one exceptional expedition, while it doesn't take into account all played expeditions.
If you don't get what I mean, take a look at the attached game between Botanist and me.

Botanist has played 4 expeditions, of which 1 is exceptional (98 points), 1 is good (26 points), and 2 others are bad (-9 points and -14 points).
I have played 3 expeditions, that are all good (at least 20 points per expedition).

Yet in final scoring, Botanist has 30 more points than me (101 vs 71).
I somehow feel this is unfair, but maybe that's just how scoring works and I have to adapt to it.

What do you think?

Hi, i scored a new record for Raging Bulls (126), see attachment...

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