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Jimmy V.:
Finito rules
Frequently asked questions for the game Finito:

Roxanne C.:
I am very curious about the formula that is used to work out the rank points award at the end of the game.

Alex B.:
Isn't that a function of the relative scores of the players at the beginning of the game, and so similar for all games (Finito or otherwise)?  I don't think it has anything to do with the "game score" (so winning finito with 7/0 or winning finito with 2/0 won't make a difference to how many points you get, but a 1600 player beating a 1700 player will get more points than a 1600 player beating a 1200 player).

Jimmy V.:
Yes it is a regular ELO ranking system. I am sure you can easily find information about it in the forum (it has been explained a few times) or with a search on Google.

The variation depends on the result (win/draw/loss) and the difference in rating between the players, not on the score difference magnitude.


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