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Timer when playing with a friend


Michel F.:

I saw this request once as a reply in another forum post, but I think this feature warrants its own post! Would it be possible, as an option perhaps, to extend the timer when we play between friends? It would make the games a more relaxed experience which is desirable amongst friends, in my opinion.

My spouse and I are kind of addicted to Happy Meeple, by the way!

Stuart L.:

Thanks for raising this, Michel.

Perhaps even more generally, it could be a feature to change the time limits on games--and this could be tied to extra gold spent or something.

Panda B.:
100%, yes, even though I am a good player, the timer is SO stressful, we are supposed to have fun, not be stressed out!

Please prolong the timer!

Thank you!

Jamie A.:
Thanks for this request Michel. I requested this several years ago and still would very much like to see it happen. The timer was such a turn off to the couple friends I invited to learn and play together that I just gave up on playing with people I know and eventually drifted away from Happy Meeple.


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