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Ranking for Daily Quest Not Working

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Marlene H.:
For the past two day the rankings for the daily quest have not been updated.
When you complete the Daily Quest, the board acknowledges that, and pays out the reward.
At least I think it pays out the reward.  I haven't checked my before and after.
Perhaps it would be more accurate for me to say that the announcements say I have earned the reward.

Yesterday I mentioned it in the Inn chat and I did send in a note by way of that pencil icon, but have not yet received a response.
So I figured I should post here so the whole matter does not get lost.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Marlene H.:
I think we are now up to day 4 of no change to the rankings for the Daily Quest.

Jimmy V.:
Thanks Marlene for the heads-up! And sorry for not replying earlier.

Anybody else agreeing?

Today there are 5 people at the top of the ranking. Is it possible that it is always the same 5 people there, players that do all quests every day? Then it would give the impression that nothing changes.


Hugo M.:
Hi Jimmy,
I hadn't have a look at the ranking like normally because I'm not playing Hanamikoji or HexRoller so I couldn't join the daily quests but the points for each day changed: On Friday (1.10.) 15 points, Saturday 12, Sunday 18 points. So if nobody else report something You may perhaps retrace it via log files.

Jimmy V.:
Hugo, we are talking about the ranking list.


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