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Jimmy V.:
Frequently asked questions about the tutorials:

Can I skip the tutorial?
You can skip the explanations by clicking on the button "Skip the tutorial", but you will still need to complete the game to get the white meeple (you need the white meeple to play online, it is like a permit acknowledging that you know how to play the game).
If you want to play online without playing the tutorial, ask a friend to invite you to his table by sharing a link with you. To do so, he must go to the inn, open a table and get the link from there. When you click on the link, it will bypass the white meeple requirement. You will be able to play with your friend immediately.

Brenda B.:
 :(I finished the tutorial in Lost Cities and did not get a meeple.  I won  twice playing the tutorial on my own and did not get a meeple.  I cannot seem to enter the training stage to earn a meeple.  How does one proceed to actual game play and meeple awards?

Jimmy V.:
Hi Brenda,

To be able to gain the first (white) meeple, we need to be able to record your tutorial game. It is possible that your Internet connexion broke in the middle of your game(s), thus not enabling us to record the result. You don't need to be online to play the tutorial (or training) game till the end, but you need it for recording the result and awarding the meeple.

Did it say that you received the meeple? Or was there no such message at the end of your tutorial?

Thanks for asking!


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