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Guest 288885:
My opponent, Julien B., just made an impressive Borderlands (edict A) with 54 points (= 9 rows) in winter, on the wasteland side. What's the highest score for Borderlands that you've seen?

Here's what his looked like:

Jodie P.:
I hit a 66 today which was very satisfying!


Huggable T.:
It is achievable with the wasteland but you have to go for it and forego reputation coins - I have achieved 66 points only the once when it was Edict D  - however I find it very difficult without the wasteland to achieve a decent high score.   It would be interesting to find out what meeplers  max scores are with and without the wasteland for borderlands when its Edict A or D

I know there are meeplers who have made over 200 points in their games, so their input would be great if Borderlands was present in them

I am not very good at borderlands, and I don't keep much in the way of records of games played, but sometimes if I think I did especially well I save a screenshot of the game, and from my saved screenshots I have one showing 8 borderlands without the wasteland with a total score of 131 and one showing 9 borderlands with the wasteland and a total score of 153 (both times the borderlands were Edict D)

I just scored 72 on Borderlands and won the game. It’s a first for me, I was lucky in Winter.



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