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Bug ? - Timed-off opponent won the game

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Melarnos D.:

On the second turn of the game, the opponent let the clock run out... and they won the game...  ???
Is that normal?

Andrea C.:
Were you getting a disconnect error message? Unfortunately when there's a problem with the internet connection it can look like your opponent's clock is running out when you are the one disconnected, or there's a server error or something. It has happened to me, and watching that clock run down when I know I am connected but the game has probably already timed me out is depressing.

Stuart L.:
Yeah, keep an eye on the colour of that connection light, above the stack of coins in the menu display.  If it's anything other than green, refresh the page immediately.

Melarnos D.:
Ok, that may explain what happened. Thanks guys!

Andrea C.:
Every time I've hit refresh I've gotten the "Match terminated" message, so maybe I'm not hitting it fast enough. Thanks for the tip, Stuart! Although with Cartographers that connection light is waaay down the screen. You'd have to do some serious scrolling to keep an eye on it.


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