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World map screenshot on profile?

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John S.:
Is the feature available for everyone to put screenshot of their world map on their profile?  Was playing around with it and does not seem to be working but not sure if it's a thing.

Jimmy V.:
A screenshot should be automatically taken after you make a change on your world and leave it.

It should be on your profile and and on your public profile from that moment on. It it is not, then we need to look for a bug.

Karin S.:
My map changed quite a bit since Cartographers started. I got new houses and rearranged everything. A snapshot is taken after a change, but the map on my profile has not changed.

John S.:
When I make changes to my world, a screenshot does appear to be automatically taken.  Or I think it does, but that just seems to go into the void somewhere and I haven't figured out what it does beyond making a camera sound.  I would love it if the automatic screenshot of my changes updated a world screenshot on my profile. 

Same for me: it appears to take a screenshot, but if I click the "public profile" link in the popup, my profile still says "No world map picture yet." When I follow the "screenshot" link, it takes me to an error page:


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