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A Cautionary Tale


Ieta C.:
In Circle The Wagons, it is very important to pay attention. An example of this is at the very start of the game, just after one's opponent has selected the starting card.

Otherwise, one might accidentally select the last card in the circle by mistake, leading to the following amusing situation:

The postage stamp consisting entirely of the last card in the circle, by the way, was built by me. Nimphadora's town is so wondrous and prosperous that it is almost a city.

Those of you who wish to win games of Circle The Wagons, please learn from my example... ...and pick an early card in the circle when it is your turn  ;D

This still hasn't been fixed? :(
I complained about this a long time ago, and they said "well-noted". But apparently never changed a thing!

See my post with a suggested fix here:

Andrea C.:
This happened to me with a player who skipped so far past the starting card they left me almost the entire circle. I couldn't think of what to say and still be polite. I didn't want to come across as condescending/sarcastic/gloating/insulting to someone who was probably just new to the game. Tone is so important.

True. And really, any of us can make a mistake. Especially late at night after a long day's work.

Alex B.:
Too bad one of the rewards was not for the smallest town.  You would have scored better!  :)


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