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How do we gain Meeples in Raging Bull?

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Marlene H.:
I see the thing where it say x/y = next meeple.
But I can't find a way to consistently change x.

Adri D.:
I have the same problem, it says to get a new meeple you need Stars 35/44

I got a puntuation of 58 and I don't know if it is the same as stars or how to obtain stars...

Adri D.:
i review the game options and I think that stars are gained though quests but i don't know which ones I already have and which ones can I get.

Brian S.:
Stars are gained in training.

Marlene H.:

--- Quote from: Brian S. on 17/06/20, 12:12am ---Stars are gained in training.

--- End quote ---

Sometimes they are.
Sometimes they aren't.

That's what confusing.


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