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What is my granary doing?


Mary M.:
I built a granary and I have a wheat field that needs what? I thought I could put it in the granary or something but I don't see a way to do this. Does it do it itself? Can I only use it if I need more food? What is the purpose?

Huggable T.:
Hello Mary - If I am right when you see your wheat field is ready for harvesting on your world map - you will get options - when you press on your wheat field once it has grown - made sure that you press the harvest as otherwise you will lose it which I have done very often !!!!!   Also the granary gives you more food so when you log in you should see an extra six food per granary - standard is 20 food max so an extra granary gives you 26 max and two =granaries give you 32 max etc.  I am sure that a kind person will contradict this if I am wrong as everybody is very helpful.  - best wishes and enjoy the games - wayne

Brian S.:
Mary - Huggable has it right as far as I'm aware.  However you can never have more food than your max, so if you are already at your max you will not see the harvest option.  If you are near your max you will see options to harvest up to your max.  Also, after you seed and before you harvest you should weed.  This is supposed to make your field grow faster.  Lastly, your granary doesn't last forever.  My first one just got too old to produce a few days ago.  I think it lasted somewhere between two and three weeks, but I don't know how it actually ages, calendar days or how by often you play.

Mary M.:
Thank you! I thought I was going to harvest it and then it could sit in the granary. That totally makes sense that it let me have more food at once. Thank you!

Jimmy V.:
Good answers! Thanks to all!

Weeding your field helps it produce faster but also more.


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