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Ab A.:
I want to put together a Hanamikoji tournament, thinking double elimination, best 2/3 per round, seed by elo. I have a few people interested, but all entrants are welcome, just let me know if you want in.

Once the field is set I'll seed it by elo rankings at that time and send out the matchups, we'll play at a leisurely pace, probably 1-2 days per round, just schedule a time to play a best of 3 with your opponent and report back the result. I'll update the bracket and we'll play the next round.

Jimmy V.:
That's great news! Thanks for organizing this!

Looking forward to it.

Jeff W.:
Should be fun!

Berthold N.:
Great idea, I will participate.

Ab A.:
I'm planning to set the field tomorrow morning (east coast USA) so if you want to participate please message me tonight, cheers


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