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Lowest winning score/Highest losing score?


Alex B.:
I was just curious if anyone remembers the lowest score they had in Lost Cities where they still won.  Have they ever won with a negative score or 0?

Similarly, what is the highest score you can remember where you still lost?

I suppose weird ties could be noteworthy too.  Theoretically a game could tie at 0/0 if both sides discard everything.  ;)

Ieta C.:
Gadita just beat me with an amazing green expedition and canny play elsewhere. They had 124, which beat my 98.

I think my lowest winning score was 6, which happened the 3rd time I played.

Dan D.:
My personal highest losing score is 78, when I lost 96-78. I did have an 86-86 draw, and also beat an opponent 110-98.
My lowest winning score is -9, when I won -9 to -16. I've actually won three games while scoring <0.

Edit: I just lost a game 108-104.

Juan Rolando P.:
I once lost to Botanist with 146 points (screenshot is attached) and won a game 137-134 against a real opponent.

I just win with exactly 0 point!


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