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Sound issues - please read


Jimmy V.:

In attempt of blocking unwanted noisy advertizing that play sounds without permission, modern browsers like Chrome or Firefox now prevent any sound/music to be played before the user has interacted with the page (which means at least clicking on the page).

The problem for us is that because of this, the ring that warns a game is starting is now blocked by Chrome and Firefox. Obviously, that sound is played before you interact with the game page and thus blocked by the browsers. Chrome does the blocking a little more cleverly and allows the sound when you become a regular user of the website. So it is possible that you were not affected.

We will try to find a clever way to solve the issue (probably by moving the bell sound to the menu page just before leaving it, although it will cause a slight delay probably).

In any case, here are the ways to make sure that Happy Meeple sounds are always played. We recommend that you do that. It takes 2 seconds.

For Chrome:
Follow the instructions from the 2 attachments below: Chrome_sound_setting_1.jpg and Chrome_sound_setting_2.jpg

For Firefox:
Make sure the Happy Meeple sound is turned on (fx) with the usual Happy Meeple sound controls.
Refresh the Happy Meeple menu page and move your mouse over any button in the top menu. Do not click on the page, just move your mouse above the menu. The browser will try to play a sound and it will probably be blocked.
Now if you see the icon 1 on top of the attachment below: Firefox_sound_setting_1.jpg, please do step 2 to allow autoplay sounds. If you don't see the icon 1, it probably means Happy Meeple is already accepted and you don't need to do anything.

Jimmy V.:
Up. This is important.


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