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Jimmy V.:
Hi there,

Raging Bulls has been released for a few days now.

Would you give us some feedback? Do you like it? Is there anything you would improve?

Please us know your thoughts!

Daniel G.:
I have been enjoying the game a lot!

I like that you can approach the game with different strategies to get points and different levels of risk. It is cool that all dice can be useful with the saw and the shed.  I think the mechanics work well.

I also like the challenges and the world records.

I do have one suggestion. In one game I had a call come in that I had to take (was playing on my phone).  This resulted in a time out/disconnect and I lost what looks like the maximum loss in ranking points (almost -70).  I don't know if it is hard to implement, but would it be possible to score the game at the current score if a player times out/disconnects?  Maybe subtract 3 points to account for having to use a mallet, so there is no incentive to time out instead of finishing the game.

Thanks again for a great game!


Jimmy V.:
Thanks Daniel. Really glad you love it.

Regarding your suggestion, we thought about it, but the problem is exactly the one you mention. We cannot be certain that current score is a minimum number of points. It is possible that the score will be reduced with more moves. We try to standardise everything and I am afraid there is no way to be fair with everyone without complexifying the code overly (and increasing the development time and the likely of a bug). Our next game will have the same issue too.

So the only thing we can realistically really do is consider an unfinished game as equivalent to the worst possible performance (which is 1000 for Raging Bulls).

Always finish your games is the main advice here.

Guest 226215:
I m having the same problem with connection issues. I knew a couple of years ago it could be solved by... Refreshing maybe? I trĂ­ed Refreshing on my phonr, but it did not work. Do you know how does it work now? Thank you!

Jimmy V.:
As far as I know, refreshing the page should work (for online games). Maybe your connection was completely broken at that moment.
Did anyone successfully refresh the page while playing an online game of Raging Bulls?


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