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How About A More Strategic, Less Random, Die Option?


Is it just me, or does it feel wrong when you line everything up properly in Finito and lose because the game won't roll what you need for that last number? I enjoy the strategy element of this game, and it feels like the excessive randomness is ruining it for me. Settlers of Catan has an option to use Event Cards instead of dice. The cards follow a normal probability curve, and make it so every number will come up at least once.
Could we PLEASE have an option like that for Finito?
Again, this would make Finito games less random and more enjoyable for players like me who want to play games with more solid expectations and strategic elements. Just set up a die function such that every time a number is not rolled, the chance of it being rolled increases until it is rolled. I'd drop gold for something like that!

Jeff M.:
My commentary here is a player not an admin. 

While I prefer games that minimize luck, I think you have to recognize that the game you are proposing really isn't Finito then.  It's an entirely new game altogether designed by Haplo.  If you want to design that game, go for it!  Try to get backing for it.  Maybe you'll make some money off it.

While I appreciate your frustration ( I would love to add a shotgun to shoot down all the birds in Migrato - maybe I could get my first meeple then), that's not what the designers intended.

I think as a community we need to recognize that games are games for what they are as they are presented - whether that be in the real world or the virtual world. 

Actually, that's not a bad idea. In fact, Finito is pretty much themeless, so I could create my own version with a theme and some quirks to make it more up my alley. Something like that probably would sell. Maybe I'll make a prototype for the next gamecon I attend!

But as far as the designers and their intentions go, I think most designers just want to push something out that's good enough to make money. And they are usually all up for expansions that alter the game significantly. So the only issue in this case, or any other, really, would be whether the designer wants to expand their game in that way.

Also, I didn't realize until recently that all the games on Happy Meeple were already in existence prior to the site's creation. That said, of course changing the rules is out of the question. I'd be better off going to board game geek and directing my ideas to the designers there. So, for anyone else who has an idea for rule changes, follow me to boardgamegeek.com!


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