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Potential timer bug?


Jeff M.:
Greetings!  I'm loving the new game!

I did notice during my match today w Daniel I., that it appeared during the scoring phase, the timer kept counting down on him.  In most of the other games the scoring happens immediately and no big deal.

CtW is such a brain burner, I see myself and opponents using up alot of our allotted time to plan moves.

Daniel was down to 10? seconds and then the scoring occurred and while I was very interested in the scoring, it appeared that the timer was still counting down and got down to 4.  It would be a shame for a player to lose a game if their time ran out DURING the scoring phase.

I'd be glad to run down some test scenarios with an admin to see if the behavior I thought I observed was actually occurring and COULD impact a player.  (It should be pretty easy to re-create)


Jimmy V.:
Thanks for your nice comment. I love this game too.

You are probably right. This should be amended.

I don't believe this would cause an issue as the game would be officially finished on the server during the counting on your screen (the last move having been sent to the server as soon it was played) but I will have to check and definitely make sure the clock stops on the screen during the final counting.

Thanks for letting us know about this! It is definitely a small "bug".

Jeff M.:

I did have an opponent who ran out of time today during scoring.  It turns out that he did NOT lose via a time out, but thankfully I beat him score wise.


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