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Best round 1 ever


Dylan H.:

I've won on round 1, I've lost on round 1.  I don't think I've ever seen a 0-0 round one though.

Francesco M.:
Hi, Dylan.

Yesterday evening I read this topic. I thought it was almost impossible to have a 0-0.

This evening, my wife used my username to play an Hanamikoji game (she loves it and already played it several times here), opened a game... and finished the round 1 with a 0-0.
Unbelievable.  :D :D

I'd like to do the same, ahah.

(We also ordered the physical game).

Greetings from Italy.



Cat B.:
That's weird, it's probably me, but I seam to be missing a card in each of your games. Cause I can't find the 3rd 3 in Dylan's game. The one from the orangy card. Dylan kept two, but the marker on the card is in the middle so no one played one. So what happened to that last 3.
Francesco. In your wife's game there seams a 5 has vanished. Might be a bug. Or I am mistaken, but I kept looking at it and was like something is off. It was bugging me a bit till I noticed what didn't fit 😅

Jimmy V.:
That's great to see. It never happened to me. I will certainly post this on social media when I have got the time.


The game has 21 cards. And each player gets 10 of them. There is, therefore, one card left in the deck at the end of the game. A little unknown that prevents the game to be too predictable I suppose.


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