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Amazing game of Finito


Jimmy V.:
This is a weird game of Finito which took quite long (28 moves).

As you can see, 10 of my tokens are in the first 2 rows.

If that's not weird enough, what about this? 7, 8, 9 and 10 were originally placed in the bottom 2 rows and 6 just above. At that moment, I had hopes to finish the game in something like 16-18 moves...

But the dice kept giving low numbers so everything went up. The last token to move was number 11 which had plenty of good space to go at that moment.

Remember that rule of statistics: if something can happen, it will happen... One day or another... Maybe in a long long time, but it will happen.

PS: it was just a test game while developing the platform. I may not have played the best moves.

Carter R.:
While training today I didn't get the number in the first two rows like yours, but I got the same bunches in 4 in the first row, 1 in the third row, 6 in the fifth row, and the 12 on 20.  I am trying to post the image, but it is too big.


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