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Problem during column cleanup


Usually, when there are multiple columns of the same bird, and one column reaches an adequate number, ALL columns of that bird are removed from the board. During a game, I completed Teal, but still had a night Teal sitting on my board. This seems like a bug to me, since I shouldn't be able to score twice on it, nor should I have to spend a turn to remove it, since I completed the bird's flight already. This ended up ruining my game, as I accidentally connected my Stilt column with the Teal that should NOT have been there. Killed a lovely run. Can you PLEASE do something about this?

Jeff M.:
Yours is an interesting point.  I don't remember this cleanup action of clearing other columns having happened in the past, but just the other day I returned to play Migrato after a long absence and noticed this cleanup behavior.

I call it interesting, because I couldn't find it in the rules where this cleanup behavior is supposed to occur in any column besides the one being matched.  By my read of the rules, the cleanup of other columns shouldn't occur, and thus the Teal should have been left.

In that case, the rules should be changed to reflect the actual game function. The function is a good one, but as you said, there's nothing in the rules on it.

Jimmy V.:
You make me work hard.  :)

Well spotted.

Indeed this specific rule was missing. It is in the French original rules book but not in our short version of the rules available online. This is now corrected.

We added the following sentence:

"If the same bird is visible in any other column of the player, that column is immediately discarded."

It is not possible to discard a column that only has night cards. Players are not allowed to look at night cards except when the column is discovered for arrival at destination.

Thank you for adding to the English rules and clarifying this. Your hard work is appreciated!


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