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Finito is an amazing game, simple and fun. The only real frustration I have with it is that when my opponent wins, I can't keep going. I would like to see how long it takes me to complete, regardless of having lost. It would also be nice to have min tournaments where win-lose doesn't matter for a given game, just how you compare to others based on how quickly you get the numbers in order. Also, since the choices made by the opponent don't really effect you, why not a solo version?

Jimmy V.:
Thanks for the nice suggestions Haplo! They are all very good ideas.

Given the long list of things we have to develop, it is unlikely that we will find the time to make any of these unfortunately. None of these ideas are standard things that can be reused easily for other games. So this does not make it any easier. If we develop something along the line "play solo games together at the same time and see who has done the best", we will definitely add Finito to the mix. That's an idea we kind of had in the past. So it is not absolutely out of question.

I will keep all these suggestions. And who knows?

Thank you for the consideration. It is so frustrating to not be able to finish my chain of numbers! Can't you allow turns to continue for the loser after the game ends? But they don't score anything, it just completes the sequence. Seems like that wouldn't take too much programming time.

Carter R.:
What you could do is use a random number generator for a 20 sided die then move and jot maybe with pen and paper.


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