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Hard for color blind players


Helmer A.:
This game is hard for color blind players. Maybe you could add a picture with a list of the objects and state their color? And also somehow indicate the color of the meeples?

Thomas W.:
I'm not colorblind, but the contrast between the blue vs. green is not as great as I would prefer. Sometimes I have to look closely to decide which is which. (Or does that mean that maybe I AM a little color blind?)

Wojtek K.:
I agree with both of you.. As long as I remember I always wear glasses and the colors of the game makes me feel even more blind ;D

Stephanie E.:
I am challenged by the colors as well.  The purple and black often look the same to me.  I vote the colors become more vivid if possible.

Guest 164586:
I agree that the "blue" and green are too similar.  The blue is not really blue, it's more of a turquoise or a teal.  It has too much yellow/green in it to be able to easily distinguish to two colors.  For me, this is much more of a problem at night.


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