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Jimmy V.:
Hi all,

Hanamikoji has been released a few days ago. We hope you like it.

This is the place to give feedback. Tell us your thoughts about the game, the implementation, the interface, the sound and music, the animations, the bots...

Thanks for your help and continuous support.


Carter R.:
I like the interface, but one thing I would like to do is after I pick an action, then my cards and then I change my mind.  I would like to drag a card over a card, but I can't do that. I would need to cancel, then pick the same action again then the cards I want. It is kind of like the Level X where you can change the dice rolls easily.

Jimmy V.:
You can do that. I have explained it in another thread.

The currently selected rectangle has an orange border. So if you want to change a card, press the zone around it to select it and then click on the replacement card. The cards will then swap. Not perfect I know but we decided against adding an extra "Remove" button to keep the interface clean (and save some development time too).

Thanks for the feedback!

Neil S.:
Great game, great execution. Reminds me a little of Biblios. Thoroughly enjoying its addition to the Happy Meeple family. Thinking about adding it to my euro games collection.
Thanks for the hard work.

Chris M.:
Fantastic job on the game overall! This game is out of print where I live in Canada so I was thrilled to be able to play online.

My main feedback is that I would love to see the art in higher resolution to better admire the intricate details. On my Macbook (retina display) the art is noticeably blurry.

A few more minor things below:

- Keyboard shortcuts to use the actions would be great. There are only 4 actions, so being able to press the numbers 1-4 to select the action feels very intuitive. Similarly, prompts like "Pick a set of 2 cards" with a big A and B buttons, it would be nice to be able to press A/B on the keyboard.

- On the 'pick a set of 2 cards' you can only click the A and B buttons, which are small. The cards themselves should be clickable as I often tried to click them, and you can click the cards for the other actions.

- The message saying that the round is over appears above the main game board and pushes everything else downwards when it appears. Probably displaying it as an overlay would look nicer.

- It took me a long time to realize that the 2 numbers on the far left of the board were the current scores. Maybe those could be in black circles to make them look more similar to the points circles on the cards?

- I never looked at the 2nd pair of numbers on the left (number of geishas). This is partly that it wasn't clear to me what those numbers even were, and partly that it's easy enough to just look at the top of the board. Curious if other people use these, or if they could be removed to declutter the interface.

- The animations felt fine on first play, but on repeated plays they felt slow. I'd be happy with a setting to adjust the speed, or just decreasing the times all around by say 25%.


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