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Jimmy V.:
Hanamikoji rules

Frequently asked questions for the game Hanamikoji:

Jimmy V.:
How many cards are played each round?
The deck has 21 cards. The last card is not dealt to anyone. So only 20 cards are played each round.

Where do the concealed cards go at the end of a round?
The concealed cards are not offered to any geishas. At the start of next round (if any), they are reshuffled in the deck with the other cards.

Tom B.:
A strange thing happened today in one of my plays. It was a training game agains Lechebot. In the 1st round it hasn't been a winner, so we kept going. In the 2nd round I had 2 cards on the green geisha, the bot had 1. The influence marker was in the middle of the card, since nobody took it in the 1st round. After we've revealed our secret card, the bot revealed a green card, so we were still tied on the green geisha. But suprisingly the marker just moved upwards, and the bot won by 11 to 8. Did I miss something or is it some kind of bug?

Jimmy V.:
You may have missed something. But it may also be a bug. Hard to tell.
Did you take a screenshot? Training games are not recorded. So we are completely blind here.
Never heard of any bug on Hanamikoji. But of course there may be still be one.

Tom B.:
I didn't make screenshots, since I didn't expect it to happen. Anyhow, a single screenshot from the final layout doesn't prove anything.


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