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Jeff M.:
Here's a strip of my screen so you can see the blank space.  I think that blank on the right is what makes everything see smaller.

Jamie A.:
I just selected to play LevelX in training mode and the wide ad space on the right shoved the left side of the game display a bit off the screen. It's not sizing properly.

UPDT: Now that I played part of a game, I see the actual game itself is set exactly on the left edge of the screen without a smidgen of daylight in there. I had to keep my head swiveled to the side while playing, which was uncomfortable, and the display as a whole appeared unbalanced. Very likely to play less if it were to stay this way.

Jimmy V.:
Thanks for the feedback Jeff and Jamie!

Jamie, it is easy to center things again for the games where the board is small. Given your comment, I will probably do it soon.

Jimmy V.:
BTW, what is the width of your screen Jamie?

Jamie A.:

--- Quote from: Happy Meeple on 21/04/17, 12:27am ---BTW, what is the width of your screen Jamie?
--- End quote ---

Amazon reminds me  :)  that this widescreen monitor is a 20" (19.5" Viewable) Display.


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