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Siberia is one cool game


Mike A.:
This game pleasantly surprised me when I learned how to play it months ago. I had never heard of it, but now I'm wishing I had a copy of it. It's a sweet blend of luck, planning and calculation.  Most turns have at least some level of angst, which is what I'm always looking for in a game. I also don't think there's a prescribed strategy one should employ; each game requires the ability to roll with the current state of affairs. I don't feel that's the case with Keltis Card, for example; I pretty much have a standard opening sequence for it, which lowers my appreciation for an otherwise good game.

I do have one big complaint about Siberia Card, though--if you go first you might get the benefit of having an extra turn. This could easily be avoided in a manner similar to Level X. If player 1 turns over the last card, both players could get two turns (or just one) to finish the game. If I had a hard copy, that's how I'd play.  The extra turn is unfair and often nudges the first player to a cheapened victory. That aside, it's a fabulous game. If it didn't cost so much food to play here, maybe more people would play it. Oh good; enough time has elapsed for me to give it another go. See you on the ice!

Bert B.:

--- Quote from: Mike A. on 31/08/16, 02:24pm ---... but now I'm wishing I had a copy of it.
--- End quote ---

You can order it here: http://www.philibertnet.com/en/


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