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Tutorial, training, online play / Re: Forfeit Option
« on: 22/03/18, 08:55pm »
Yes, but Jeff, sometimes if a game ends that way you can be penalized and have to wait several minutes to play again. It's happened to me.

Tutorial, training, online play / Forfeit Option
« on: 20/03/18, 07:41pm »
Why is there no easy way to forfeit? If the games don't allow us to undo mistaken actions, then there should at least be an easy way to forfeit. This is common in chess. Please give us an option.

Oh, right! I agree with myself from before! The wheatfield operation needs to change. It's prejudicial to those of us who happen to miss whatever day it ripens on, after planting and tending it for days. The fact it rots so fact is pretty jacked-up.

World, castle, market... / Why is my Wheatfield Black?
« on: 19/03/18, 10:18pm »
Last time I was here, I weeded my wheatfield. Today it's black and ruined. WHY? I thought it was supposed to operate based on how many games I played or how much time I was on the site? Is this false?

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Feedback on new bonus cards
« on: 10/03/18, 04:15am »
The bonus cards are definitely a big plus. Thank you!

If the replay is just like watching a recorded game, I might use it occasionally. I don't know if I'd pay gold for it, though. If it allows me to actually do something like rewind to a certain point, then jump in and make different choices from that point on until I finish the game, I'd be willing to pay gold for that, even if it didn't affect my score.

Keltis the card game / Do-Over
« on: 01/03/18, 10:34pm »
This is one game that I think deserves a Do-Over option for when you place a tile in the wrong place. Anyone playing can see how obvious such a mistake was, and in a real board game, you could correct it. Why not allow that here? It would make the games much more playable. I just had to quit a game because I followed a 10 with a 2, thinking the 10 was a 0. Please consider making this game a little more user-friendly. At the very least, there could be a warning.

Rankings, meeples and achievements / Kill the Bot Game
« on: 20/02/18, 01:48am »
Zombot has pissed me off for the last time. Now, are YOU going to make a "Kill the Bot" game? Or do I have to do it myself?

World, castle, market... / Re: Wheatfield
« on: 20/02/18, 12:37am »
I like the lake idea with living fish for food when you want them. I am very unhappy with the wheat field, because I don't want to log on and play every single stinking day! Sorry, but let's be real here! And it's not fair that what I plant is rotten before I can harvest it. Just because I'm away for a few days. There needs to be a better way.

Finito / Re: Option for extended play
« on: 13/02/18, 06:15pm »
Thank you for the consideration. It is so frustrating to not be able to finish my chain of numbers! Can't you allow turns to continue for the loser after the game ends? But they don't score anything, it just completes the sequence. Seems like that wouldn't take too much programming time.

Migrato / Re: Problem during column cleanup
« on: 09/02/18, 07:27pm »
Thank you for adding to the English rules and clarifying this. Your hard work is appreciated!

Keltis Ór / Strategic Improvement
« on: 09/02/18, 07:22pm »
This is my favorite game on here, but it is a little imbalanced. It is far more difficult to reach the higher numbers than the lower ones. And the possibility of someone rolling 3 gems is a little OP, especially at the end. I recommend trading in a gemstone on one die for a 6. This would solve both problems. Higher numbers would be more likely, and the most gemstones anyone could roll at one time would be 2.

Migrato / Re: Problem during column cleanup
« on: 07/02/18, 07:56pm »
In that case, the rules should be changed to reflect the actual game function. The function is a good one, but as you said, there's nothing in the rules on it.

Migrato / Problem during column cleanup
« on: 07/02/18, 04:57pm »
Usually, when there are multiple columns of the same bird, and one column reaches an adequate number, ALL columns of that bird are removed from the board. During a game, I completed Teal, but still had a night Teal sitting on my board. This seems like a bug to me, since I shouldn't be able to score twice on it, nor should I have to spend a turn to remove it, since I completed the bird's flight already. This ended up ruining my game, as I accidentally connected my Stilt column with the Teal that should NOT have been there. Killed a lovely run. Can you PLEASE do something about this?

Finito / Option for extended play
« on: 06/02/18, 07:41pm »
Finito is an amazing game, simple and fun. The only real frustration I have with it is that when my opponent wins, I can't keep going. I would like to see how long it takes me to complete, regardless of having lost. It would also be nice to have min tournaments where win-lose doesn't matter for a given game, just how you compare to others based on how quickly you get the numbers in order. Also, since the choices made by the opponent don't really effect you, why not a solo version?

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