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Best Broken Road?

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Xyon M.:
I've gotten 10 a few times and all 11 twice I think (all when that edict was in D or A). It's my favorite edict of that type.

Julien B.:

--- Quote from: Geraldine M. on 24/11/20, 02:59am ---I just got 10 rows and only needed one more square for the 11th.

And I am especially proud of myself as I REALLY dislike this edict.

--- End quote ---

I'm sorry, but you were missing 2 separates one square  ::)

Geraldine M.:
Oops! Well spotted!

I obviously was too excited to see straight.

Tim B.:
I got my first 10 today (with Broken Road as D).  I had a decent chance at 11 but the cards didn't fall my way.  Ironically, though, my proudest part was early decision to build neighboring cities in Spring for Shieldgate (A), then merge them (in Summer) and build a new second city for final scoring.

Alex B.:
I did it!  33 points for a perfect broken road on all 11 diagonals.  I didn't even have a chasm to rely on!  I lost the game mind you because I got single minded about this goal.  My opponent got a great great city!  And never mind the monsters in my top right corner.    They have their side of the map and I have mine.  :D



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