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I was just curious if anyone remembers the lowest score they had in Lost Cities where they still won.  Have they ever won with a negative score or 0?

Similarly, what is the highest score you can remember where you still lost?

I suppose weird ties could be noteworthy too.  Theoretically a game could tie at 0/0 if both sides discard everything.  ;)

I mean, I won't play with Britany B. again because I don't particularly like being insulted and sworn at while playing games, but is there something else I should be doing, like using a report function on the dialogue box?  If so, how does that work?

Is there anything permanent that one can buy with gold or wood or stone or brick?

How many victory points does it take to buy everything you can for a house? 300?

Happy Meeple community / Daily quest not resetting?
« on: 27/10/19, 03:15am »
Is the daily quest not resetting or is my phone just not reporting it?  I got 00:00 on the countdown until the next daily quest but it has been like that for five minutes.

I have bought all of the improvements for all of my houses. I think it unlikely that I will get more houses to improve. So is there anything else that I can spend victory points on?

Lost Cities / Bot order out of order?
« on: 24/11/18, 10:38pm »
Why does Saboteur have a lower score than Lechebot even though the former comes after the latter? Same question with Bot-dog and Botiful. Or are those scores only for lost cities?

I know that they are puns, but I only get some of the references.

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